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Submarine Cuisine

What are the secrets that made submarine food reach the level of perfection to be called, "Cuisine?" Submarines have rightfully been regarded as somewhat dangerous and being so, their crews have enjoyed certain benefits not afforded to the surface Navy. Included in the special benefits of being a submariner is the food served. With additional funding to insure the best possible from the market and special training for the cooks it isn't surprising that submarine food is the very best. Yet, there is an additional factor that needs to be digested. Submarine cooks look upon their fellow crew members as their customers. It isn't enough to just serve good food. It has to be of the best quality. Each meal has to have a spark of originality, that certain something that makes it special.

The submarine cook, now called culinary specialist, starts with a standard Navy recipe. He then pours into it all of his post-graduate training from the Culinary Institute of America, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and other famous chef-training centers. Each submarine cook develops a reputation for his culinary expertise. Each meal becomes a signature edition which testifies to his creative ability.

Now you too can experience these singular dishes. Submarine Cuisine offers over fifty favorite recipes. They have been reduced to family size servings and tested by submariners, both active and retired. In addition, Submarine Cuisine tells the inside story of what it was like to be a submarine cook. With pictures and personal recollections the publication is packed with interesting information. Best of all, you can participate by making the exact same dishes served on the boats.

"Submarine Cuisine" is 181 pages of recipes, description and pictures. Soft bound, it is $26.9.